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History of Development Development Performance
Year Description
2011 Localized GM M300 parts(3)
Localized RSM H45 parts(3)
Developed Mahindra Wheel nut parts(2)
2010 Localized GM C140 parts(2)
Localized GM M300 parts(4)
Localized RSM H45 parts(3)
2009 Developed GM J300 M6 enging w/harness bracket nut
Developed GM T300 M24 hub nut
Developed J300 whk drvshf nut
2008 Developed flange nut for high-pressure pump
Developed M10. M12. M14 Pipe nut
Localized Nuts for automobile
2007 Developed the clip body for assembling optical cable
Developed the non-nylon ring wheel nut
Developed the circle-shaped weld nut
2006 Developed the weld nut for enhanced durability
Developed the wiper arm nut
Developed the weld nut with higher degree of intensity
2005 Developed the conical net m6 for removing film
2004 Developed the M14 dead angle FLANGE NUT for 2004 WHEEL CARRIER
2003 Developed T200 wheel nut
2002 Developed the M5 rivet for air cleaner
2001 Developed the piston pin
Year Completed Developments
2011 51
2010 52
2009 72
2008 71
2007 44
2006 34
2005 29
2004 52
2003 37
2002 48
2001 50